• Kashmir Ritual Tantric massage 70 euro 1 hours, 100 euro 90min

    The beautiful and sensual massage ritual comes from northern India with the Kashmiri Shiva tradition. It combines the heart, body and spirit, activating and cleansing chakras. Introduces into the bliss felt by our whole being.
    During body massage you will experience the connection with yourself and you will open up to the inner, sensual stream of vital energy. This massage is more intensive than other types of massage because it strongly activates the flow of energy, thanks to the use of special body positions. It is not only a massage, it is a conscious spiritual practice through the body. Full power, intimate and ecstatic experience.
    It goes well beyond the usual massage offering healing by opening the body to bliss and tantric energy transfer. Therefore, the preparation and proper state of mind is extremely important so that the magic and power of this ritual are not reduced to pure technique.
    Usually on other massage you only experience massage, here you will know tantric introductory meditations, you will learn to communicate your needs and boundaries transparently, you will circulate the breath in ShivaShakti circulation, you will align with the other person at all levels, preparing the body and mind to discover new.
    Surrender to him and enjoy this sensual sexuality dance with sexual polarization

  • Ritual Tantric massage Magic of the Senses 50 euro 1 hour

    Ritual massage tantric magic of the senses is an extraordinary body massage and senses that teaches you how to enjoy the body and sexuality. Tantra is an entirely different kind of massage, unusual .This to work with the energy of a man what unlocks the chakras.

    It leads to deep relaxation, heals the body, mind and soul, stimulates vitality and relaxes the whole body, and releases the lock in the human body. With Tantra man regains the joy of life and to know what the touch of another person. He teaches sexual intimacy, physical contact and the pleasure of touch. Relaxes and loosens tense muscles.

    Tantra massage is performed on a mat or mattress. Masseur does massage the whole body and hands and forearms movements are slow and gentle. It starts from the head, progressing toward the feet. Massaging the back first, and then the stomach. Are permitted accessories: feathers, pillows warm towels.

  • Tantric massage Kundhalini 50 euro 1 hour

    Exciting massage, in which is activated sexual energy Kundalini, touch is all over the body, slow and very sensual movements of hands and forearms wrapped around like a snake the whole body, aroma and enhances the heated olive experience.Vibration energy Kundalini August powduje self-healing of the body of taboos, injuries, opens our hearts.

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Tantric Massages Studio provides high quality service and a friendly, stress-free atmosphere. About Your comfort care I qualified massage therapist Rafal . I have a diploma and a certificate of massage Tantric Ritual Kashmir. With me, the time has elapsed you quickly and pleasantly. I assure , sense and tact,discretion and safetynd experience.I gurantee not only a professional massage in accordance with your expectations and individual arrangements. We'll talk to everyone about the drink, which you like ... coffee, tea, water or wine, drink.
 Massage sessions are available only for adults, not the provision of sexual services.

 Rafal Masseur - 40 years old, 186cm tall and well-built 90kg, I studied physiotherapy at the University of Physiotherapy Education in Poznan and at the University Medical of Lublin. I have 5 years of professional experience as a manager and a massage in the hotel Wellness & SPA Ciechocinek and Swinoujsciu.Wykonuje classic massages, healing, relaxation and oriental all the above mentioned certificates have massages and dyplomy.Jestem certified massage therapist with Tantric massage .My passion besides massage is a nutritionist and personal training, martial arts training and in the gym. But really my passion is to create a real Magie senses and help people get back to health and relax.





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